Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick the best one out of two different links, one with high PR and another with low PR?

Well, it seems a confusing question but it isn’t if you are well-versed with quality link building guidelines and know what you are doing. Though, most of my friends are doing such mistakes with their link building campaigns and wondering why their websites are not ranking well in search engines. Here comes the role of techniques I am going to tell you to help you in such situation and there are two things to mind while choosing a link:

Prefer Website Theme:- While searching for links in case you get two different websites one with a little bit relevancy but high PR and the other one with low PR, in such situation you must go for the most relevant site as relevancy matters not high PR to rank higher in search engines.

Prefer Relevant Category:- Here comes another situation when you have to choose one category from a website having categories for links and few of them have good PR and few don’t. Again the answer is same as above; you must go for the most relevant category according to your targeted keyword.

I know a few of my friends would be thinking why I wrote this post as it seems to be incomplete for them who wish to gain high PR along with higher rankings for their website(s). And, I must say this post is totally dedicated to achieve higher search engine rankings. For those who wish to gain high PR along with higher search engine rankings, I will be posting the next post in which I will tell you how link building can help you in this regard. I also would like to hear your comments, suggestions on the same to improve my knowledge as well as will be glad to serve them who might be interested to go for link building services for their link building campaigns or so.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choose low PR links instead of High PR links. Why?

Nowadays, everyone out there is running after high PR links whether one get or not but nobody wants to go for low PR links. What do you guys think? We should go for high PR links and not the ones having no PR? Well, in my opinion if we are only after high PR links and we fail to fetch them, I am sure we will fail in search engine rankings for our website too. Now, you would be thinking, how is it possible. It is and I have a few points to tell you how:

  • In case we fail in obtaining high PR links for our website and even not getting links from sites having no PR, will definitely be our failure as we are not getting a single link in that time when our competitors are accepting high PR as well as links with no PR.

  • As you know that getting links from high PR pages is very tough task to do and for some of you guys not possible, in that case if you don’t go for low PR links, you have no chances to rank higher in search engines. It is true that high PR links are much powerful than low PR links but not working on low PR links at the same time when you are not getting high PR links can only be said a biggest fault of yours.

  • The most effective thing with no PR links is that we can arrange them on very faster pace rather than high PR links. And, if we arrange as many as relevant links for our website, chances of hike in PR of those particular pages our links are on are more.

  • Suppose, we get a high PR link in a day and in the same time other day we get a bunch of 0 PR links, in that case those 0 PR links are much powerful as you got multiple votes as well as a few of them will definitely get good hike in PR in upcoming updates if the link quality is good.

My friends, I have been providing link building services for my clients since 5 years and all of this has been my experience that I have found powerful in success of my link building campaigns. Now, I would like to hear from you on it what do you think about. Moreover, I am here for all my friends who think I can be helpful for them in anything i.e. link building services, link building consultation and more.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Right Approach For Successful Link Building And Better Career

Hi friends, after a long time I am back to write something which is I am sure very important for every link builder.

I have noticed that most of the link builders use chat as a method to arrange links. But do they really know how much are the links valuable for their sites? What are they learning using this method of link building? I must say that they are just wasting their time and the links they do don’t pay anything to sites rather making their rankings down. The reason behind is that most of such sites used for link exchange using chat lose their page rank and cache in next few Google updates as well as some have the fake PR.

Using chat method you are making yourself limited and I am sure most of you guys don’t have the ability to create links without back links you use for chat. I also noticed that the guys doing link building for a few years are also not capable to build links without back links. Repeating again, most of you guys are wasting your time in link building and you are not going to get anything in future if you guys don’t want to change the method (chat) you use. One of the most things I have noticed while interviewing a few link builders that they have very high expectations as salary and speak that they have blah-blah experience but when they are asked how you will do links, they mostly speak, we have a lot of chat contacts we use for link exchange but when I told them we don’t allow chat for links. On this they only reply, it is really tough to arrange PR links without chat. Did you get anything from this matter? If not, I am going to tell you again, you guys are null and don’t know anything in link building if you are doing link building using chat only. In one of my previous posts, I have shared my experience to arrange links through mails which pay everything that a website needs to perform well in search engines.

If you want to become a successful link builder, I would suggest you to choose links through mails for your linking method as I am sure if you approach the websites for link exchange in the right manner you are going to get the links on regular intervals that too in mass. To stand out of the competition you need to have your unique identity which is no doubt possible because of links through mail neither from chat. As I know, most of you guys do 10-20 links per day using chat method but do you know the same you can get using mails.

In the end, I know, most of you guys would be thinking writing such thing is an easy task rather to perform. But I am sharing what I have done and still doing to make my link building/SEO successful. However, I would like you guys to try it yourself and would like to hear your comments later one month of your start.

Conclusion: My friends, this is not an article to demoralize you guys but to tell you the right way for a better future. If you want to earn a lot in coming future try mailing as your priority for link building and I am sure later 4-6 months you will be on a very fast track.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Convert mails into links and make link building campaign successful

Hi friends, it’s been around 3 months to write my last post. I know most of my friends will not be happy with it. During this period, I tried many times to write something but couldn’t due to some personal and official deeds. However, today I got some time and back again with an important topic and very useful for all my friends doing link building and frustrated approaching other websites for arranging links. In this post, you will find how your mails convert into links and how you can make your link building campaign successful.

To arrange maximum links through mailing you should approach the other websites in the following steps:

Competitors Links: Before you start mailing to other websites, search for competitors links in Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example, your top 10 competitors has a total of 100 back links in Google, do nothing just collect those all links and approach them first, also don’t forget to approach the competitors for link exchange.

Stop using Google, Yahoo or MSN for links: Once you collect a list of your competitors back links, you don’t need to search any search engine for searching links because from now onwards you have to follow the upcoming steps.

Approach all the incoming and outgoing links of first response: After approaching the competitors and their links, I am sure you should have at least 1 reply in your mail box. Now, you need to stop the rest work and start with the 1 reply, means approach all the websites with whom the website you got the reply, has exchanged the links. This time I am sure you will get no. of replies and don’t forget to keep it continued as in accounting the method First in First out (FIFO) do.

Don’t forget to ask for other websites: Very important thing to do is not to forget to ask for more websites for link exchange from the websites you get reply. This is very useful and very effective step which can help you arranging a lot links from just a place.

These are a few steps I followed for arranging links from mailing and I am sure you also will be benefited by the same. Try these steps to make your link building campaign successful and don’t forget to let me know your suggestions, comments as well as effective ways of arranging links over it. I also will try to come back soon with a new topic.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Link Builders; don’t forget you are the best but need to develop your thoughts

Hi friends, I apologize for not being with you for a long time. It is just because I am very busy these days that’s why could not get time to share my knowledge with you all. However, I am back because I feel what I want to share should reach as soon as possible to all my friends who are new and existing in the field of link building. In this post, I am not going to share anything on link building but what I am going to, will inspire you to become a famous link building professional. And may be next time most of you guys will give me tips rather than I.

In my link building career, I found that most of the link builders ever feel that they got a profile of link builder which has no value but if they would have got a profile of search engine optimizer (SEO) that would be good and have future in it. It’s not all about you guys only; it was with me also 2 years ago. Now you all would be thinking, how do I come to know and why I am inspiring you all to go ahead with the link building.

The reason behind it goes here: one day searching for some link building information I visited website of Mr. Eric Ward whom I have accepted as my Guru. Mr. Eric Ward started link building in 1994 and still doing and gaining a lot. He was also hooted by the people like all of us but he never heard their words and keeps going with link building. But do you all know he is one of the best link builders in the world these days which Google also recommend and earning what any SEO can never, excluding Gurus like him. One thing I would like to say you all “Be expert in link building no one can stop you rocking, either it is any SEO Company, SEO professional or search engine.” If you still feel I am just telling a lie please visit Mr. Eric Ward’s post: Link Building Best Practices - A Weekly Q&A With Eric Ward: Updated - Farewell LinkMoses, Hello Link Building Q&A. By reading this post, I changed my mind and started doing more with the link building. I hope you also will change your mind and would like to go with link building and try to learn as much as you can.

In the end I also would like to warn such search engine optimizers or companies who say link builders are just like data entry operators and nothing else. But they forget one thing that they are nothing if link builders don’t help them because no SEO is successful if link building is not done. My friends, I also would like to get your useful suggestions via comments or mailing over it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to get links from .edu or .gov domain websites

Friends, Hope you all are doing well. I am back after a while approx. one month with this new post on links from .edu or .gov domain websites. There are a lot of link builders and link building companies offering link building but most of them (approx. 99%) don’t know how to get links from such websites and why such links are important.

Getting links from such websites help our websites to rank higher in search engines along with higher PageRank; it is because Google trusts such websites more than .com, .net & .org domain sites. Following are some effective ways to help us getting links from such websites:

• First of all search for such domain websites with a blog related to your website keyword. To make it easier try the following string in Google: inurl:blog “your website keyword”

Replace .edu with .gov if searching for .gov domains. You will get a lot of such websites with blogs related to your website keyword. Visit blogs and give your valuable comments on them but please mind do not spam because webmasters of such websites will only publish your comment when it is found related and valuable for the post and the link you provide in your comment should have a relation with the word you link to.
• The most and effective way to get links from such websites is to help the websites by your services. For example: if you offer web design, web development and seo related services, offer websites to re-design and develop their particular pages if possible entire website free of cost and ask the concern webmaster to offer you a link on the website. I am sure the webmaster can’t say no if you are doing such task.

There are many ways to get such links but I prefer both of these because these are much effective and easier than others. Hope you would like this post. However I would like to know your valuable suggestions and comments over it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Link Building through Blog comments: what do you think?

Hi friends, as you know, there are many ways of doing link building for a website, one of them is through Blog comments. In this article, I am writing what I feel better about link building through Blog comments. I hope most of the link building professionals know what it is, however I am describing it in my own language.

Blog Comments: Any suggestion or feedback regarding any post on the blog you send which gets live on the blog called blog comment. We do link building through blog comments when comments also contain link of our website. Most of the search engine optimizers think that getting links through comments is good but a few know it is also harmful if done in wrong way. Regarding this, I will suggest you all not to comment on such blogs whoever provides instant activation of comment because such blogs will not only offer you links but also to others who will post any irrelevant information that can be illegal. As you know very well, once comment gets live you get a permanent link mostly. In such cases, once your link is live on a post which contains illegal comment links, will be harmful for your website. So, think before posting a comment on any blog.

If you wish to know my opinion regarding link building through comment posting, I will only say not to try it if you get any instant comment link. Only post a comment on a blog which is totally relevant to your website and reviews comments before posting. If you wish to hire any link building services provider, please ask him/her the way of doing link building through blog comments. Although, If any link building services provider has good knowledge of link building, he/she will never recommend you to go for link building through blog comments because it is not as effective as the link building with websites is.

Hope all the information I provided in this post will help you all thinking to do link building via comment posting, however I wish to get your valuable suggestions and comments to make my blog better and gain more knowledge about the link building.