Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick the best one out of two different links, one with high PR and another with low PR?

Well, it seems a confusing question but it isn’t if you are well-versed with quality link building guidelines and know what you are doing. Though, most of my friends are doing such mistakes with their link building campaigns and wondering why their websites are not ranking well in search engines. Here comes the role of techniques I am going to tell you to help you in such situation and there are two things to mind while choosing a link:

Prefer Website Theme:- While searching for links in case you get two different websites one with a little bit relevancy but high PR and the other one with low PR, in such situation you must go for the most relevant site as relevancy matters not high PR to rank higher in search engines.

Prefer Relevant Category:- Here comes another situation when you have to choose one category from a website having categories for links and few of them have good PR and few don’t. Again the answer is same as above; you must go for the most relevant category according to your targeted keyword.

I know a few of my friends would be thinking why I wrote this post as it seems to be incomplete for them who wish to gain high PR along with higher rankings for their website(s). And, I must say this post is totally dedicated to achieve higher search engine rankings. For those who wish to gain high PR along with higher search engine rankings, I will be posting the next post in which I will tell you how link building can help you in this regard. I also would like to hear your comments, suggestions on the same to improve my knowledge as well as will be glad to serve them who might be interested to go for link building services for their link building campaigns or so.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choose low PR links instead of High PR links. Why?

Nowadays, everyone out there is running after high PR links whether one get or not but nobody wants to go for low PR links. What do you guys think? We should go for high PR links and not the ones having no PR? Well, in my opinion if we are only after high PR links and we fail to fetch them, I am sure we will fail in search engine rankings for our website too. Now, you would be thinking, how is it possible. It is and I have a few points to tell you how:

  • In case we fail in obtaining high PR links for our website and even not getting links from sites having no PR, will definitely be our failure as we are not getting a single link in that time when our competitors are accepting high PR as well as links with no PR.

  • As you know that getting links from high PR pages is very tough task to do and for some of you guys not possible, in that case if you don’t go for low PR links, you have no chances to rank higher in search engines. It is true that high PR links are much powerful than low PR links but not working on low PR links at the same time when you are not getting high PR links can only be said a biggest fault of yours.

  • The most effective thing with no PR links is that we can arrange them on very faster pace rather than high PR links. And, if we arrange as many as relevant links for our website, chances of hike in PR of those particular pages our links are on are more.

  • Suppose, we get a high PR link in a day and in the same time other day we get a bunch of 0 PR links, in that case those 0 PR links are much powerful as you got multiple votes as well as a few of them will definitely get good hike in PR in upcoming updates if the link quality is good.

My friends, I have been providing link building services for my clients since 5 years and all of this has been my experience that I have found powerful in success of my link building campaigns. Now, I would like to hear from you on it what do you think about. Moreover, I am here for all my friends who think I can be helpful for them in anything i.e. link building services, link building consultation and more.