Thursday, May 13, 2010

Right Approach For Successful Link Building And Better Career

Hi friends, after a long time I am back to write something which is I am sure very important for every link builder.

I have noticed that most of the link builders use chat as a method to arrange links. But do they really know how much are the links valuable for their sites? What are they learning using this method of link building? I must say that they are just wasting their time and the links they do don’t pay anything to sites rather making their rankings down. The reason behind is that most of such sites used for link exchange using chat lose their page rank and cache in next few Google updates as well as some have the fake PR.

Using chat method you are making yourself limited and I am sure most of you guys don’t have the ability to create links without back links you use for chat. I also noticed that the guys doing link building for a few years are also not capable to build links without back links. Repeating again, most of you guys are wasting your time in link building and you are not going to get anything in future if you guys don’t want to change the method (chat) you use. One of the most things I have noticed while interviewing a few link builders that they have very high expectations as salary and speak that they have blah-blah experience but when they are asked how you will do links, they mostly speak, we have a lot of chat contacts we use for link exchange but when I told them we don’t allow chat for links. On this they only reply, it is really tough to arrange PR links without chat. Did you get anything from this matter? If not, I am going to tell you again, you guys are null and don’t know anything in link building if you are doing link building using chat only. In one of my previous posts, I have shared my experience to arrange links through mails which pay everything that a website needs to perform well in search engines.

If you want to become a successful link builder, I would suggest you to choose links through mails for your linking method as I am sure if you approach the websites for link exchange in the right manner you are going to get the links on regular intervals that too in mass. To stand out of the competition you need to have your unique identity which is no doubt possible because of links through mail neither from chat. As I know, most of you guys do 10-20 links per day using chat method but do you know the same you can get using mails.

In the end, I know, most of you guys would be thinking writing such thing is an easy task rather to perform. But I am sharing what I have done and still doing to make my link building/SEO successful. However, I would like you guys to try it yourself and would like to hear your comments later one month of your start.

Conclusion: My friends, this is not an article to demoralize you guys but to tell you the right way for a better future. If you want to earn a lot in coming future try mailing as your priority for link building and I am sure later 4-6 months you will be on a very fast track.