Sunday, December 20, 2009

Convert mails into links and make link building campaign successful

Hi friends, it’s been around 3 months to write my last post. I know most of my friends will not be happy with it. During this period, I tried many times to write something but couldn’t due to some personal and official deeds. However, today I got some time and back again with an important topic and very useful for all my friends doing link building and frustrated approaching other websites for arranging links. In this post, you will find how your mails convert into links and how you can make your link building campaign successful.

To arrange maximum links through mailing you should approach the other websites in the following steps:

Competitors Links: Before you start mailing to other websites, search for competitors links in Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example, your top 10 competitors has a total of 100 back links in Google, do nothing just collect those all links and approach them first, also don’t forget to approach the competitors for link exchange.

Stop using Google, Yahoo or MSN for links: Once you collect a list of your competitors back links, you don’t need to search any search engine for searching links because from now onwards you have to follow the upcoming steps.

Approach all the incoming and outgoing links of first response: After approaching the competitors and their links, I am sure you should have at least 1 reply in your mail box. Now, you need to stop the rest work and start with the 1 reply, means approach all the websites with whom the website you got the reply, has exchanged the links. This time I am sure you will get no. of replies and don’t forget to keep it continued as in accounting the method First in First out (FIFO) do.

Don’t forget to ask for other websites: Very important thing to do is not to forget to ask for more websites for link exchange from the websites you get reply. This is very useful and very effective step which can help you arranging a lot links from just a place.

These are a few steps I followed for arranging links from mailing and I am sure you also will be benefited by the same. Try these steps to make your link building campaign successful and don’t forget to let me know your suggestions, comments as well as effective ways of arranging links over it. I also will try to come back soon with a new topic.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Link Builders; don’t forget you are the best but need to develop your thoughts

Hi friends, I apologize for not being with you for a long time. It is just because I am very busy these days that’s why could not get time to share my knowledge with you all. However, I am back because I feel what I want to share should reach as soon as possible to all my friends who are new and existing in the field of link building. In this post, I am not going to share anything on link building but what I am going to, will inspire you to become a famous link building professional. And may be next time most of you guys will give me tips rather than I.

In my link building career, I found that most of the link builders ever feel that they got a profile of link builder which has no value but if they would have got a profile of search engine optimizer (SEO) that would be good and have future in it. It’s not all about you guys only; it was with me also 2 years ago. Now you all would be thinking, how do I come to know and why I am inspiring you all to go ahead with the link building.

The reason behind it goes here: one day searching for some link building information I visited website of Mr. Eric Ward whom I have accepted as my Guru. Mr. Eric Ward started link building in 1994 and still doing and gaining a lot. He was also hooted by the people like all of us but he never heard their words and keeps going with link building. But do you all know he is one of the best link builders in the world these days which Google also recommend and earning what any SEO can never, excluding Gurus like him. One thing I would like to say you all “Be expert in link building no one can stop you rocking, either it is any SEO Company, SEO professional or search engine.” If you still feel I am just telling a lie please visit Mr. Eric Ward’s post: Link Building Best Practices - A Weekly Q&A With Eric Ward: Updated - Farewell LinkMoses, Hello Link Building Q&A. By reading this post, I changed my mind and started doing more with the link building. I hope you also will change your mind and would like to go with link building and try to learn as much as you can.

In the end I also would like to warn such search engine optimizers or companies who say link builders are just like data entry operators and nothing else. But they forget one thing that they are nothing if link builders don’t help them because no SEO is successful if link building is not done. My friends, I also would like to get your useful suggestions via comments or mailing over it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to get links from .edu or .gov domain websites

Friends, Hope you all are doing well. I am back after a while approx. one month with this new post on links from .edu or .gov domain websites. There are a lot of link builders and link building companies offering link building but most of them (approx. 99%) don’t know how to get links from such websites and why such links are important.

Getting links from such websites help our websites to rank higher in search engines along with higher PageRank; it is because Google trusts such websites more than .com, .net & .org domain sites. Following are some effective ways to help us getting links from such websites:

• First of all search for such domain websites with a blog related to your website keyword. To make it easier try the following string in Google: inurl:blog “your website keyword”

Replace .edu with .gov if searching for .gov domains. You will get a lot of such websites with blogs related to your website keyword. Visit blogs and give your valuable comments on them but please mind do not spam because webmasters of such websites will only publish your comment when it is found related and valuable for the post and the link you provide in your comment should have a relation with the word you link to.
• The most and effective way to get links from such websites is to help the websites by your services. For example: if you offer web design, web development and seo related services, offer websites to re-design and develop their particular pages if possible entire website free of cost and ask the concern webmaster to offer you a link on the website. I am sure the webmaster can’t say no if you are doing such task.

There are many ways to get such links but I prefer both of these because these are much effective and easier than others. Hope you would like this post. However I would like to know your valuable suggestions and comments over it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Link Building through Blog comments: what do you think?

Hi friends, as you know, there are many ways of doing link building for a website, one of them is through Blog comments. In this article, I am writing what I feel better about link building through Blog comments. I hope most of the link building professionals know what it is, however I am describing it in my own language.

Blog Comments: Any suggestion or feedback regarding any post on the blog you send which gets live on the blog called blog comment. We do link building through blog comments when comments also contain link of our website. Most of the search engine optimizers think that getting links through comments is good but a few know it is also harmful if done in wrong way. Regarding this, I will suggest you all not to comment on such blogs whoever provides instant activation of comment because such blogs will not only offer you links but also to others who will post any irrelevant information that can be illegal. As you know very well, once comment gets live you get a permanent link mostly. In such cases, once your link is live on a post which contains illegal comment links, will be harmful for your website. So, think before posting a comment on any blog.

If you wish to know my opinion regarding link building through comment posting, I will only say not to try it if you get any instant comment link. Only post a comment on a blog which is totally relevant to your website and reviews comments before posting. If you wish to hire any link building services provider, please ask him/her the way of doing link building through blog comments. Although, If any link building services provider has good knowledge of link building, he/she will never recommend you to go for link building through blog comments because it is not as effective as the link building with websites is.

Hope all the information I provided in this post will help you all thinking to do link building via comment posting, however I wish to get your valuable suggestions and comments to make my blog better and gain more knowledge about the link building.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is Link Juice and the role of it in Link Building

Hi friends, it’s been a while to write for my blog. I was a little busy that’s why couldn’t get time to write more. However, I am back with a new topic on Link Juice and the role of it in link building. I hope everybody reading my blog regularly would be aware of what the link building is and why do all we need but do everybody know what is link juice and what is the role of it in link building. Most of my friends doing link building are not aware of link juice but they should. I will describe it in my own language:

Link Juice: I hope everybody knows what the juice is. Suppose, we have 5 litre of juice and we are 5 members to share it equally. The result is that everyone will get 1 litre of juice separately but if you are alone or a few you will get enough. I hope you got the point what I am going to tell you further. Link Juice is almost same as I describe about the distribution of 5 litre juice. In my own words, “Link Juice is the popularity of any page which has to be shared with each external link lying on the page. Linking to a page having few links will improve your page rank and search engine rankings.” Now, I hope you all understand what the Link Juice is.

Role of Link Juice in Link Building: While choosing any website for link exchange or hiring any link building services provider, please confirm that your website will link to a page which will offer you additional link juice so that your website can get better page rank and search engine rankings. For your convenience, following are some terms and conditions which should be followed to get additional link juice:

• Your link should not be added to pages having more than 50-60 external links.
• No more than 20 sponsored or paid links on link page.
• No more than 2-3 Google Ads
• If you wish to do reciprocal link building, try to get links from pages having much PR than yours. Suppose, your link page has PR 2, then you should try to link to PR 3 pages.

For any webmaster, it is not possible to get such links without expertise in link building. For this, you will need to hire an expert link building services provider who can fulfill your entire requirement to help your website ranking higher. Only best link building services can help making your link building campaign successful.

I hope all the information I have provided will help your website rank better along with higher Google Page Rank. However, I wish to get your useful suggestions, queries and comments to make my blog better and gain more and more knowledge.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Link Building? Useful things to do before starting link building

Hi friends, I am here with a new topic on how to start link building that fulfills all quality parameters made by Google. This article will also help you hiring quality link building services provider for your website(s). In this article, you will find what to check when choosing a quality link partner/quality link building services provider for your website(s).

Following are some useful things to research before starting link building/hiring link building services:

Link Aging is the age of any website you are linking. Google puts a little restriction or penalty on new websites that had seen in the mid-2004. As many as old the website you are linking to is your chances of ranking higher in search engines are quick and more. Therefore, I would like to suggest you to go for only old website links.

Link Relevancy means links related to your website theme. For example, if your website offers travel related services you should go for other travel related links only.

Google Sandbox is the theory developed by Google to hold all new websites into a “holding area” where they must earn goodwill to come out of it. Whenever your website is on hold by Google your website cannot rank better. To come out of sandbox quickly you need to do link building for your website with relevant and old websites to your industry.

Page Rank is the rank provided by Google according to quality of your webpage. Google values your website pages out of 10 while offering page rank to any page. Getting links from a page with high page rank helps your website to get high page rank quickly.

Link Farm is the Black Hat SEO technique used to build links from the pages having more than 50 links on it. Google never recommend such links. Therefore, avoid such links if you are getting. Such links will not help you ranked higher in search engines.

is the abbreviation of search engine result pages. This is the page where you search for any keyword on search engines. I would like to suggest you to link with the websites that ranked higher on any particular keyword you are targeting. In this process, you do not need to check all the Google guidelines made for building links.

Nofollow is the technique used to exclude any link to be crawled by Google. For vast information on it you can see my last post “Why rel=”nofollow” link tag is used?” You will find all required information regarding this and the reason for not accepting such links using nofollow tag.

Class C IP is a class of internet protocol (IP) provided to any website. Do not link with such websites who have same IP or same Class C IP. To check such IP’s you can use this tool.

I hope all the information I provided in this article will help you getting quality links or hiring ethical link building services provider. However, I am waiting for your kind suggestions and queries regarding this post.

Link Popularity India as a link building India do such link building that offers quality results. Only link building services who offer link building under the guidelines made by Google can produce results.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why rel=”nofollow” link tag is used?

I am back with new topic on rel=”nofollow” link tag. Most of the people don’t know why nofollow tag is used but who know having a little information about it. You can find many explanations online on nofollow tag. Here is one from Wikipedia:

“nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.”

Most of the Search Engines except Google ignore this tag. However, do you think this is the only reason to use nofollow tag in any hyperlink? If you think so, you are wrong. If website really wants to prevent search engine spam coming through comments or link submissions, it should stop offering links by such methods but it is not possible because such websites are increasing their keyword density in shade of rel=”nofollow" tag. This process helps such websites to be reliable in eyes of Google. Google thinks that they are doing right by preventing such websites doing spamming through comments and link submission. I hope now you all can understand real use of nofollow tag.

I would like to suggest you all link builders not to do link building with blogs or websites using nofollow tag because it will not help you any more but help them you are linking to. If you are doing so, just wasting your time and making yourself and client fool. It will not help you rank higher in Google any more but can decrease your ranking from previous one.

Anybody having query or suggestion please let me know by commenting or mailing me.

Note: In this article, I just wrote what I understand about nofollow. I am not against of any SEO guru or online resource.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who is king: Link Building or Content Writing

As everyone is aware of link building and content writing, what these are. Most of the people think content is king, but in what ways don’t know. I also heard that content is king but don’t believe in it. Both Link Building and Content Writing have their specific places. You will find its answer in this article.

Content Writing helps website to tell visitors what all about it is. It describes services/products of website with a professional edge. Content Writing can only be done when you are fully prepared to write with mastery in grammar on a particular topic. While writing content on any topic content writers target keywords as per the page topic or service to help website rank higher in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. As everybody knows that content may not be updated after a week/year. Content is updated one time or two times but no more than this. If you are doing such things then you are no more going to rank higher and search engines will not rely on your website too. To keep your website ranked higher in search engines you need to do some stuff on link building.

Link Building helps website to keep ranked higher in search engines for a long time. This process of linking your website to other related websites tells search engines to rely on your website and the result would be better rank for your website. As many as inbound links from popular websites you get chances of ranking higher in search engines will increase.

Conclusion: Content Writing can help you rank higher in search engines but no more than one or two months. To rank higher for a long time keep doing link building. Only link building offers long time business oriented results.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Link Baiting Good or Bad

Hi friend, I hope you are enjoying reading my Blog regularly. I am here with another topic on Link Bait. This is one of the new techniques used to get one way links to your website/blog. Here I will share what I studied to get one way links through Link Baiting. You all will be thinking what the Link Baiting is and how is it good or bad. I will describe each and everything systematically.

What is Link Bait?
You can get a little information about it in one of my previous posts. Once again, I am describing it in my language; Link Bait is the way of making users to fall in love with your website/blog. Link Bait entices the users to link to your website/blog. It is only possible when information/services you offering are very much attractive and helpful to users. Only informative and useful content can help you making link baiting successful. Link Bait also help your website to be reliable in eyes of search engines just because of one way links you get. This paragraph is all about link baiting what it is but good or bad go to next paragraph.

How Good or Bad
Everyone is thinking of getting one way links without doing more stuff in link building. Some people are using link baiting technique to get one way links but they are only looking for profit but not aware of harmfulness of link baiting. Everybody prefer to get good one way links and don’t want bad ones but if you are getting one way links through link baiting, it is sure that you also will get bad links. Because not every visitor linking to you from his/her website may be an owner of good website, he may be owner of bad one.
For example: Suppose I run a blog related to link building and somebody searching for link building related information on internet found my blog good and linked it from his/her website but the website he offered me a link from is an illegal website. You all are aware of harmfulness of any illegal website please think.
Friends, if you still feel link baiting good then you are wrong. I would like to suggest you just one thing don’t waste time thinking about link baiting. Just go for link building or directory submission to get good links because only these can produce good results. While doing link building or directory submission you check all the guidelines made by Google, so that your website only can get profit not penalized whenever website linking to you without your permission you don’t know what it is.

I hope this article will help you all. However, I am still waiting for your queries and suggestion on my posts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tips to Improve Google Page Rank & Link Popularity

Hi Friends, I am back with a new topic related to Page Rank. As, I told you a little about it in one of my previous posts but that was not sufficient for Freshers to judge and how to follow. Here you will find some useful tips that will help you improving Google Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website. There are many ways you can find online to improve Google Page Rank and Link Popularity but I will only tell you what I prefer to do. Every one is eager to see his website with higher Google Page Rank but only better quality work can help you improving your website Page Rank.
Following are some useful ways I followed to improve Page Rank of website(s):

• Directory Submission: Very first step to search engine optimization helping you rank higher and improving your Google Page Rank. To get maximum benefit from directory submission you need to submit your website to high Page Rank directories only and get more approvals. To get more approvals via directory submission you can study my previous post “Tips to get more approvals via directory submissions”. It will help you submitting your website in right way so that you can get more and more approvals, that also will help you increasing your Google Page Rank.
• Article Submission: Keep writing informational articles about your services/products you offer and submit them to high Page Rank article directories. Only good articles can get approvals, so mind it before writing and submitting to directories. As many as approvals through article submission you get chances of increasing Page Rank of your website will improve accordingly.
• Social BookMarking: Submit your website to popular Social Bookmarking websites. Tell other people about your website and share some knowledge followed by feedbacks of visitors. Keep making new contacts day by day, it will help you getting traffic to your website that also will help you increase Page Rank and Popularity of your website. As many as visits your website gets through Social Bookmarking chances of popularity and high Page Rank are more. Social Bookmarking is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website.
• Link Building: As I told you about it in one of my previous posts that it is the best way of increasing Page Rank of any website quickly. I only want to say “Good Link Building, High Page Rank and Bad Link Building, Low Page Rank”. If you are linking to good websites you can get good rewards, if linking to bad ones then sorry your Page Rank may also fall from your previous one. So, Keep it in mind while doing link building for your website. Link to related websites with higher Page Rank you can get. For more knowledge about link building you can read my previous posts.

I hope information I provided in this article will help you increasing Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website. I am eager to get comments and mails about your suggestions and queries you have my friends. Your suggestions will help me to gain knowledge and making my Blog better.

Thanks, Good Bye and Take Care

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips to get more approvals via directory submissions

Hi Friends, I apologize for not being with you for this brief period. I was busy with another task during this period, so could not share my views with you friends. In this article, you will find some useful tips to get more approvals via directory submissions you do. Most of my friends doing directory submissions do not know what they are doing, how much it will help them getting more approvals, and how will it affect the website. As everyone is aware of getting one way links through directory submissions but do you know how can you improve number of one way links you get via directory submissions. Following are some useful tips that can help you while doing directory submissions for your website:

1. Category Selection: Very first step to directory submission is to pick your targeted keyword and search in It will help you in selecting right category for your website. will show you related categories to your website but only go with deepest one that is closely related to your website theme. Follow it with all the directories to which you submit your website. As much as your category selection is right, your chances of links approval are more.
2. Meta Tags Writing: Title should have one keyword to which you are targeting and Description of your website should have less keywords means only priority based keywords. Description should be grammatical correct, meaningful and should describe your website not business. The length of Title and Description should be according to Google. Keep your Title up to 70 characters and description up to 200 characters only.
3. Use an unique email address: Avoid using free email ids like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc. Use unique email ids. If possible, use an email id containing your domain name. It helps webmasters of directories to rely on you that you are not a spammer.
4. Manual Directory Submission: Submit your website manually to directories. Do not use any software or automated techniques. Using automated techniques your website may ban or may consider as spam. If you are considered as spam, Not only your chances of link approvals will decrease day by day but also the ranking of your website, so avoid such things.

I hope above mentioned information will help you getting more quality one way links to your website. If you are not doing in the same way, start it from now on. I hope you will get better results. Enjoy reading my Blog and Don’t forget to send me your suggestions, queries via mail or commenting on my articles.

Good Bye and All the best

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Useful Tips to get One Way Links to your Website

As I said before in one of my previous posts that One way link building plays a major role in getting top 10 rankings in all major search engines. It is true if you get successful in getting one way links to your website but for this you need to do some good exercises. Following are some useful tips that can help you in getting some natural one way links to your website:

1. Article Writing - Keep writing informational and attractive articles on your website because such articles force people to link to your website to theirs. This is one of the best ways to get one way links on regular basis.
2. Directory Submission - Keep submitting your website to popular directories like,, etc. As everyone, aware of listing in has great importance. As many as approvals you get by submitting to free directories, you are increasing your one way links day by day.
3. Top 10 list - Keep a top 10 list of your favorites or people may be interested in, on your website. This list may contain a data of some other popular and useful websites or people related to your website content or services you offer.
4. List of Experts/Gurus - Create a list of experts/gurus. By doing so, you are not only impressing people to gather some good information about experts but also getting attention of those experts to you. It also can help you to build up a good relationship with an “authority”.
5. Website Content - Content of your website must be easy to understand so that people stay for sometime on your website and help you reach to others by spreading your message.
6. Article Submission - Submit your articles to popular and industry related article directories.
7. Press Release Submission - Take time to make it good and mail it to some handpicked bloggers and journalists. Submit it to popular PR sites like PRWeb and PR Leap etc.
8. Social Bookmarking – Submit your website to good social bookmarking websites like, etc.
9. Rss Feed Submission - Submit your rss feeds page to popular rss directories like, etc. If your content is regularly updated and informative, some people will syndicate your rss article and will provide you one way links from their websites.
10. Easy Free LinksCraiglist is a cheap or free service provider for classifieds but depends on your category and offer.
11. Forum Participation – Participate in your topic related forums and leave signatures in your posts, which can include URL and targeted keyword of your website. If you share some quality things on forums, some people will visit your website, link to your website or buy products/services.
12. Free Download Service - If you run a software or script website, don’t forget to offer free downloading.
13. Ask or Answer Questions - Keep asking and answering questions on Yahoo Answers and Google Groups and provide links to relevant sites.
14. If Reputable Company - If you run a reputable company, you can create a page in the Wikipedia or in topic related wikis about it.
15. Review and create list of Products - Review related products on and create product lists on it. It will help you to get some direct customers inquiries. Also, do not forget to use background link on your product list.
16. Search & Review - Review related websites on Alexa and shopping search engines like ePinions to help you building authority.
17. Testimonials – If you buy products or services, do not forget to leave testimonials on it. Some testimonials later on turn into links. Ever write believable or specific testimonials.
18. Blogging - Start a blog for your website and keep posting quality and informative content regularly. Link it with your website from different pages as per topic of posts. Also, submit your blog to top blog directories.
19. Comment Posting – Post genuine comments on related websites and blogs. Some websites or blogs offer do follow links trough comments. I would like to warn you that irrelevant comments could harm your website, so avoid such things.
20. Buy Links – Buy some high quality paid links from other websites like, etc.

There are many other ways of getting one way links to your website, depends on your techniques how do you use them. Keep searching new techniques that can help you making your one way link building campaign successful or alternatively hire an expert SEO company or link builder.

I hope, the information I provided above will help you getting some natural one way links. If you have any query or suggestions, kindly send me by mail or comment on this post.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How does Google calculate the Page Rank of your webpage?

Every incoming link to your website is a vote for your website according to Google. As many as quality links you get to your website, the chances of increasing Page Rank are more... Only quality links can do this task. Getting one or two quality link per day or 30 to 50 quality links in a month are enough to rank higher and increasing your website Page Rank. As many as quality links you get to your website, your website gets popular and Search Engines will rely in your website as well.

However, Google does not calculate Page Rank of any webpage on the pure count of incoming links to your website. Google robots also analyze the page your link resides on. Link on a page similar to your targeted keyword name is more important to get higher Page Rank and search engine rankings. Google gives higher importance to your webpage if you are doing like that. So, mind this when you are thinking of doing one way link building or reciprocal link building for your website.

At the time of analyzing any linking page, Google looks at the following on page and off page factors:

• Page Rank of linking page
• Link from related website
• Number of outgoing links on that page you are linking to. Do not link to pages having more than 50 links.
• The quality of inbound links directed at the website of the outbound link

So, the quality and quantity both matters in the Google algorithm while calculating Page Rank of any webpage. Keep this in mind while hiring any link building services provider.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Useful Link Building Tips for Freshers

Hi Friends, In this article, you will find some useful link building tips to make your link building campaign successful. Here, I am writing what I learn in my seo career while doing link building for any campaign. Link Building plays a major role in search engine optimization. According to me, as I did and saw in my career, after doing on page on any website, link building and directory submission both are enough to get higher ranking, page rank and traffic to any website.

To make any link building project successful, you need to keep learning and doing something new to rank higher in search engines. Following are some useful tips you can use accordingly while doing link building:

• When you are provided any project for link building, study website what all about it is.
• Search your competitors with your targeted keyword in Google to which you have to use in link building for any particular website. You will find thousands of websites listed in search engine results but go with only top ten websites. Pick any website and check its back links in Google and Yahoo or alternately use link harvester tool to see maximum back links of any website. You will find many websites linking to that particular website.
• After it, maintain whole data of websites in an excel sheet followed by their webmaster’s ids or it may be a contact form.
• After maintaining data, write a professional mail regarding link exchange but it should not offer spamming at all. In mail, ever start describing yourself followed by your company and services you offer and never disclose your websites to which you are using for link exchange. Just mention your theme for link exchange. If any webmaster is looking for links, he or she will definitely reply to you. In addition, don’t forget to write 1 or 2 lines on against spamming in your mail.
• After reply of any webmaster, you can send your link information in reply.
• Main thing to note, Do not use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL etc. If possible, use your company mail id for link exchange. Because most of the mails sent by you to any webmaster go to spam or junk folder than inbox. Therefore, it is just wastage of time. As I found in my career, 50 mails out of 100 directly go to junk or spam folder of webmasters.
• One more thing to note, don’t use link exchange related words in subject line. You can use like “Website Partners” “Potential Partnership” etc. Because in most of cases webmasters block mails, containing subject line “link exchange” related.
• This is also a part of spamming, I said in last two paragraphs but it is not if you are using a professional mail format which describes you, your company, and services you offer.
• By following all above tips you will get more and more quality links for your websites.

Using such email format, you are not only doing link exchange but also email marketing for your company followed by more and more traffic to your website.
This is enough for today. I will keep sharing my knowledge with you my friends. You can comment or mail to gain and share.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quality Link Building Services Provider

There are a lot of SEO link building services companies you can find online. While some offer quality link building services that provide results, others may use black hat techniques that can make your website penalized or blacklisted. Ever choose a link building company or link builder who can offer you quality link building services. Only quality link building services can help you getting ranked higher in search engine page results (SERPs).

Please mind following things before choosing any link building services provider:

• First of all, never choose a company who offer a huge number of links for a very cheap price within a short time of period. Getting quality links to any website is a crucial task to do. It needs time and good knowledge of ethical link building. Getting a huge amount of links for a very cheap price may harm your website, either can make penalized or blacklisted.
Avoid link building services that provide hundreds of links from the same class C IP address. You will gain a very cheap benefit of such links while you are paying a huge amount per link. So ever choose a link building company that can offer you link from different class IP address websites.
• Never go for reciprocal or three way link building services, because such links are not so much valuable as one way links are. As I written about it in one of my last posts.
• Main thing to mind while choosing a link building services provider is to inquire as much as possible regarding their methods and techniques they use in link building.

We at link popularity India, use only ethical link building techniques to provide you best link building services. We approach related and quality link partners to get links.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is Page Rank? How to Improve Page Rank of any webpage?

Page Rank is one of the methods developed by Google to tell you the importance of your webpage has in Google’s eyes. It is a numerical value (marks) provided by Google to any webpage according to its quality. Google values any webpage between 0-10 according to quality of that particular page. You can see page rank of any webpage if you have Google Toolbar installed on you browser. If you don’t have Google Toolbar, you can install it from: or visit to see online.

Page Rank helps website to rank higher in search engine page results (SERPs). Get higher page rank and rank well in search engines. To get higher page rank, you need quality back links to your website. Hire a professional link building company or link builder to fulfill your link building requirements.

Following are some exercises can be done to improve Back Links:

Directory Submission
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking
Link Building (One Way & Reciprocal)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Why is one way link building more effective than reciprocal link building according to Google?

Google recommend one way links because these help website to show its quality. As many as one way links our website gets, it gets trustworthy in eyes of Google. Not only Google likes one way links but also other search engines like Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista. One way links help us to rank higher and improve link popularity.

Any website offers us one way links because of quality of our content and information we provide. The website offering link to us, thinks the information or services of our website will help users.

Getting one way links is more difficult than reciprocal links we do. We need some extra efforts to do to get one way quality links. Only expert link builders can do this task. They know whom to approach and who can offer better quality. We have a team of expert link builders who can offer you best in the industry.