Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to get links from .edu or .gov domain websites

Friends, Hope you all are doing well. I am back after a while approx. one month with this new post on links from .edu or .gov domain websites. There are a lot of link builders and link building companies offering link building but most of them (approx. 99%) don’t know how to get links from such websites and why such links are important.

Getting links from such websites help our websites to rank higher in search engines along with higher PageRank; it is because Google trusts such websites more than .com, .net & .org domain sites. Following are some effective ways to help us getting links from such websites:

• First of all search for such domain websites with a blog related to your website keyword. To make it easier try the following string in Google: inurl:blog “your website keyword”

Replace .edu with .gov if searching for .gov domains. You will get a lot of such websites with blogs related to your website keyword. Visit blogs and give your valuable comments on them but please mind do not spam because webmasters of such websites will only publish your comment when it is found related and valuable for the post and the link you provide in your comment should have a relation with the word you link to.
• The most and effective way to get links from such websites is to help the websites by your services. For example: if you offer web design, web development and seo related services, offer websites to re-design and develop their particular pages if possible entire website free of cost and ask the concern webmaster to offer you a link on the website. I am sure the webmaster can’t say no if you are doing such task.

There are many ways to get such links but I prefer both of these because these are much effective and easier than others. Hope you would like this post. However I would like to know your valuable suggestions and comments over it.


Link Builder said...

Hi Lalit,

Very usful information. Thanks for that

Link Builder said...

Hi Lalit,

Very useful information.

saurabhporwal said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Realy nice post. said...

Hi Lalit,

I didn't quite understand how to make this work. I copied and pasted your suggested string into the google search box and replaced .edu with .gov and put my keyword in but it returned no results. Can you let me know if i'm doing it right?

I opened google up.
entered inurl:blog “team building”
hit return
got a page saying no results were found.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Andy H

Lalit Sharma said...

Hi Andrew,

you did a little mistake, you used capital S.

you used inurl:blog “team building”

but the right string is: inurl:blog “team building”

try this you will get 10 results.

hope it will help you.

Satman said...

Hi Lalit
Great information. I am a local sem guy in Australia. The system you have suggested to gov and edu links doesnt work locally. Do you happen to know how to get Australian government or edu blogs links?
Thanks John

ashwani said...

Hello Lalit,

very usefull information, but all the sites which i found that use nofollow tags in comment, can you please tell me is these comments are usefull for my websites, my mail id is