Thursday, September 3, 2009

Link Builders; don’t forget you are the best but need to develop your thoughts

Hi friends, I apologize for not being with you for a long time. It is just because I am very busy these days that’s why could not get time to share my knowledge with you all. However, I am back because I feel what I want to share should reach as soon as possible to all my friends who are new and existing in the field of link building. In this post, I am not going to share anything on link building but what I am going to, will inspire you to become a famous link building professional. And may be next time most of you guys will give me tips rather than I.

In my link building career, I found that most of the link builders ever feel that they got a profile of link builder which has no value but if they would have got a profile of search engine optimizer (SEO) that would be good and have future in it. It’s not all about you guys only; it was with me also 2 years ago. Now you all would be thinking, how do I come to know and why I am inspiring you all to go ahead with the link building.

The reason behind it goes here: one day searching for some link building information I visited website of Mr. Eric Ward whom I have accepted as my Guru. Mr. Eric Ward started link building in 1994 and still doing and gaining a lot. He was also hooted by the people like all of us but he never heard their words and keeps going with link building. But do you all know he is one of the best link builders in the world these days which Google also recommend and earning what any SEO can never, excluding Gurus like him. One thing I would like to say you all “Be expert in link building no one can stop you rocking, either it is any SEO Company, SEO professional or search engine.” If you still feel I am just telling a lie please visit Mr. Eric Ward’s post: Link Building Best Practices - A Weekly Q&A With Eric Ward: Updated - Farewell LinkMoses, Hello Link Building Q&A. By reading this post, I changed my mind and started doing more with the link building. I hope you also will change your mind and would like to go with link building and try to learn as much as you can.

In the end I also would like to warn such search engine optimizers or companies who say link builders are just like data entry operators and nothing else. But they forget one thing that they are nothing if link builders don’t help them because no SEO is successful if link building is not done. My friends, I also would like to get your useful suggestions via comments or mailing over it.


sihkl said...

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Team said...

This is one of the most common mistakes that many link builders commit. Often, they think that simply getting all those links is enough for their work. In fact, you need to also be concerned about organizing your links in order to make them more efficient.

. said...

Hi Friend,

Thank you so much for inspiring me, I always thought this thing. Please publish some new post regarding Link Building to increase our knowledge.

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Veronica said...

I admire your experience of developing a process for quality link building and I am sure people would definitely appreciate such blogs. Ways of organizing effective links is important in link building process.

albert said...

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