Sunday, December 20, 2009

Convert mails into links and make link building campaign successful

Hi friends, it’s been around 3 months to write my last post. I know most of my friends will not be happy with it. During this period, I tried many times to write something but couldn’t due to some personal and official deeds. However, today I got some time and back again with an important topic and very useful for all my friends doing link building and frustrated approaching other websites for arranging links. In this post, you will find how your mails convert into links and how you can make your link building campaign successful.

To arrange maximum links through mailing you should approach the other websites in the following steps:

Competitors Links: Before you start mailing to other websites, search for competitors links in Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example, your top 10 competitors has a total of 100 back links in Google, do nothing just collect those all links and approach them first, also don’t forget to approach the competitors for link exchange.

Stop using Google, Yahoo or MSN for links: Once you collect a list of your competitors back links, you don’t need to search any search engine for searching links because from now onwards you have to follow the upcoming steps.

Approach all the incoming and outgoing links of first response: After approaching the competitors and their links, I am sure you should have at least 1 reply in your mail box. Now, you need to stop the rest work and start with the 1 reply, means approach all the websites with whom the website you got the reply, has exchanged the links. This time I am sure you will get no. of replies and don’t forget to keep it continued as in accounting the method First in First out (FIFO) do.

Don’t forget to ask for other websites: Very important thing to do is not to forget to ask for more websites for link exchange from the websites you get reply. This is very useful and very effective step which can help you arranging a lot links from just a place.

These are a few steps I followed for arranging links from mailing and I am sure you also will be benefited by the same. Try these steps to make your link building campaign successful and don’t forget to let me know your suggestions, comments as well as effective ways of arranging links over it. I also will try to come back soon with a new topic.

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