Thursday, January 29, 2009

How does Google calculate the Page Rank of your webpage?

Every incoming link to your website is a vote for your website according to Google. As many as quality links you get to your website, the chances of increasing Page Rank are more... Only quality links can do this task. Getting one or two quality link per day or 30 to 50 quality links in a month are enough to rank higher and increasing your website Page Rank. As many as quality links you get to your website, your website gets popular and Search Engines will rely in your website as well.

However, Google does not calculate Page Rank of any webpage on the pure count of incoming links to your website. Google robots also analyze the page your link resides on. Link on a page similar to your targeted keyword name is more important to get higher Page Rank and search engine rankings. Google gives higher importance to your webpage if you are doing like that. So, mind this when you are thinking of doing one way link building or reciprocal link building for your website.

At the time of analyzing any linking page, Google looks at the following on page and off page factors:

• Page Rank of linking page
• Link from related website
• Number of outgoing links on that page you are linking to. Do not link to pages having more than 50 links.
• The quality of inbound links directed at the website of the outbound link

So, the quality and quantity both matters in the Google algorithm while calculating Page Rank of any webpage. Keep this in mind while hiring any link building services provider.

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