Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Useful Tips to get One Way Links to your Website

As I said before in one of my previous posts that One way link building plays a major role in getting top 10 rankings in all major search engines. It is true if you get successful in getting one way links to your website but for this you need to do some good exercises. Following are some useful tips that can help you in getting some natural one way links to your website:

1. Article Writing - Keep writing informational and attractive articles on your website because such articles force people to link to your website to theirs. This is one of the best ways to get one way links on regular basis.
2. Directory Submission - Keep submitting your website to popular directories like Dmoz.org, lii.org, jayde.com etc. As everyone, aware of listing in Dmoz.org has great importance. As many as approvals you get by submitting to free directories, you are increasing your one way links day by day.
3. Top 10 list - Keep a top 10 list of your favorites or people may be interested in, on your website. This list may contain a data of some other popular and useful websites or people related to your website content or services you offer.
4. List of Experts/Gurus - Create a list of experts/gurus. By doing so, you are not only impressing people to gather some good information about experts but also getting attention of those experts to you. It also can help you to build up a good relationship with an “authority”.
5. Website Content - Content of your website must be easy to understand so that people stay for sometime on your website and help you reach to others by spreading your message.
6. Article Submission - Submit your articles to popular and industry related article directories.
7. Press Release Submission - Take time to make it good and mail it to some handpicked bloggers and journalists. Submit it to popular PR sites like PRWeb and PR Leap etc.
8. Social Bookmarking – Submit your website to good social bookmarking websites like del.icio.us, digg.com etc.
9. Rss Feed Submission - Submit your rss feeds page to popular rss directories like sphere.com, 2rss.com etc. If your content is regularly updated and informative, some people will syndicate your rss article and will provide you one way links from their websites.
10. Easy Free LinksCraiglist is a cheap or free service provider for classifieds but depends on your category and offer.
11. Forum Participation – Participate in your topic related forums and leave signatures in your posts, which can include URL and targeted keyword of your website. If you share some quality things on forums, some people will visit your website, link to your website or buy products/services.
12. Free Download Service - If you run a software or script website, don’t forget to offer free downloading.
13. Ask or Answer Questions - Keep asking and answering questions on Yahoo Answers and Google Groups and provide links to relevant sites.
14. If Reputable Company - If you run a reputable company, you can create a page in the Wikipedia or in topic related wikis about it.
15. Review and create list of Products - Review related products on Amazon.com and create product lists on it. It will help you to get some direct customers inquiries. Also, do not forget to use background link on your product list.
16. Search & Review - Review related websites on Alexa and shopping search engines like ePinions to help you building authority.
17. Testimonials – If you buy products or services, do not forget to leave testimonials on it. Some testimonials later on turn into links. Ever write believable or specific testimonials.
18. Blogging - Start a blog for your website and keep posting quality and informative content regularly. Link it with your website from different pages as per topic of posts. Also, submit your blog to top blog directories.
19. Comment Posting – Post genuine comments on related websites and blogs. Some websites or blogs offer do follow links trough comments. I would like to warn you that irrelevant comments could harm your website, so avoid such things.
20. Buy Links – Buy some high quality paid links from other websites like dir.yahoo.com, business.com etc.

There are many other ways of getting one way links to your website, depends on your techniques how do you use them. Keep searching new techniques that can help you making your one way link building campaign successful or alternatively hire an expert SEO company or link builder.

I hope, the information I provided above will help you getting some natural one way links. If you have any query or suggestions, kindly send me by mail or comment on this post.

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