Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Link Popularity and Types of Linking

Link Building India
Link Popularity

Link Popularity is the process of establishing relevant Inbound links and a measure of the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to your website which help your website to achieve higher ranking in all major search engines and drive more and more traffic to your site. Search engines like Google use a special link analysis system to rank web pages. Google rank every page of a particular website for a particular keyword and allot page rank (Page Rank) to every page. Link Popularity India provides every type of linking services for you either it is one way link building, two way(Reciprocal) link building or three way link building in nature.

One Way Link Building

One Way Link Building: Linking to a website without linking back to that same website. Such links are more precious for any website than other types of links. This type of link would be considered more organic in the eyes of search engines like Google. One-way links help websites increase their page rank more effectively than other type of linking.

Reciprocal Link Building

When two sites give links to each other, it is called Reciprocal Link Building. This type of linking is also called two way link building.
For example:- Website abc.com gives link to xyz.com and in return xyz.com gives link to abc.com

Three Way Link Building

Three Way Link Building
: When two websites exchange links by using third party website and do not reciprocate each other. They use (site A -> site B -> site C -> site A) method for link exchange. This method of exchanging links is called three way link building or multi way link building.

Link Popularity India provides below mentioned services

One way link building
Reciprocal link building(Two way)
Three way link building
Directory Submission
Blog creation and Linking
RSS Submisson
Press Release Submission
Article Submission

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